Filamaster FRP Tanks

  • Filamat can fabricate shop built FRP tanks from 2’ to 12’ in diameter using our standard tooling
  • Customized design options are configurable to suit users’ needs and product specifications
  • Superb corrosion resistance (see chemical concentration table) leads to longer product life
  • Fabricated using only premium vinylester resins and C-glass, synthetic veils and E-glass structural reinforcements
  • Complete structural design and fabrication of various sizes and shapes of FRP vessels and specialized equipment for a variety of services


Chemical Concentration Table

Typical Chemicals Concentration Level (up to %)
Sulphuric acid 75%
UREA 50%
Sodium hydroxide (caustic) 50%
Hydrochloric acid 37%
Sodium hypochlorite 18%
Ferrous chloride, salt water, alum and sodium bisulfite All concentrations
Other (please call) 1 866 387 8236

Tank Design

1. What do you need to store (i.e., what chemical)? 2. Capacity requirements? 3. What space is available (i.e., dimensions)? 4. Where will the tank be installed (i.e., inside or outside)? 5. Where will the tanks be located geographically (i.e., province or state), as this is important to determining:

  • Wind
  • Snow
  • Temperatures
  • Seismic requirements

After assessing these important design elements, we recommend that you consider the most economical FRP tank design (dished top tank with a flat bottom). We will work with you to design, manufacture and implement any required customization based on your requirements.

Configurable Tanks Options

Filamaster FRP Tanks can be designed and modified to suit your specific product requirements.

Tops Bottoms Support Structures
1. Flat 1. Flat 1. FRP legs
2. Dished 2. Sloped 2. Steel legs
3. Cone 3. Conical 3. Ring
4. Open Top 4. Dished 4. Skirt
5. Open Top with rim flange


Nozzles, internal baffles, pipe supports, coil supports, mixer support brackets, dip pipes, FRP ladders and platforms, lifting lugs, hold down lugs, stainless steel fittings, PVC and FRP couplings, FRP manways, covers and name plates.

  • Standard nozzles are available with gussets
  • Hold down lugs are available in FRP, zinc plated steel and 316 stainless steel
  • Insulation, heat tracing and level indicators available


Other Options


No matter how corrosive the environment – you can depend on filamaster products to handle your unique requirements with ease and reliability.