The four pillars supporting our products

Delivering top-quality OEM products requires a comprehensive set of complex skills – quality control, on-time delivery, design engineering, and world-class manufacturing.


Our ISO 9001 designation is our quality platform. Our quality management system is a defined process covering all key manufacturing processes. This platform ensures we deliver products that consistently conform to our customers’ requirements.


We have the expertise, the resources and support to ensure we consistently manufacture and deliver high quality custom FRP products. We back this up with a 95% service metric for on-time delivery – a world class metric that few OEM manufacturers in any business can match.

Design Engineering

Our experienced team of professional engineers model, prototype, design and fabricate solutions to industrial challenges. Engineers work closely with our customers to determine their requirements and/or design specifications, finalize the design, materials and manufacturing process to best produce their products. We pride ourselves on our ability to come up with practical and cost-efficient ways to answer industrial challenges.

World Class Manufacturing

Success in manufacturing is closely connected to place and process. Our modern 50,000 square-foot manufacturing facility and a broad spectrum of FRP capabilities equip us to simultaneously handle a multitude of complex projects. We do this in a safe, clean environment, meeting and exceeding strict health, safety and environmental standards.

Filamat takes pride in the fact that our facility meets or exceeds all provincial health and safety and environmental regulations.

Composites manufacturing processes

Filamat uses six out of the eight available composite manufacturing processes to manufacture our customers’ products. Our lead times are shorter than our competitors because our engineers have the flexibility to choose the most efficient process. This allows them to match design and specification requirements to the appropriate process, increasing production speed. The result is production lead times that are shorter than our competitors.