Manufacturing custom FRP products to your specifications

We are an original equipment manufacturer of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) products. We design and fabricate custom-engineered composite solutions to address a wide range of industrial challenges. We engineer to your specifications and produce high quality products in the fields of storm water, municipal water & wastewater, mining and solvent extraction, chemical processing, air treatment and pulp and paper.

Design Engineering

Our experienced team of professional engineers model, prototype, design and fabricate solutions to industrial challenges. Engineers work closely with our customers to determine their requirements and/or design specifications, finalize the design, materials and manufacturing process to best produce their products. We pride ourselves on our ability to come up with practical and cost-efficient ways to answer industrial challenges.

Quality Commitment

Filamat Composites Inc. is committed to providing our customers with defect free products and services. We will strive to continuously improve our business processes in order to be customer focused and performance driven.

Process Driven ERP System

Filamat’s Enterprise Resource Planning System covers all stages of the manufacturing process, to ensure that your project and products are engineered and fabricated according to your specifications – on budget and on time.

Allow us to work with your to meet your unique design needs

Among the products we have fabricated in our facility:

– Oil and water separators
– Storm water filtration systems
– Municipal water and wastewater chemical storage tanks
– Wastewater process equipment
– Filter vessels
– Jet aeration systems
– Hyrdogrits and sludge removal systems
– Pool filters
– Pump liners
– Military vehicle fender/spats
– Tailing pond barges
– Piping systems
– Fuel handling components
– Spill containers
– Vapor recovery equipment
– Air treatment tanks
– Air scrubbers
– Pollution control equipment
– Ductwork and hoods
– Cooling towers
– Pumping and lift stations
– Wet wells
– Covers
– Desalination equipment.